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Ready to graduate from the same pre-made theme every other blogger has and get a custom one specifically created to grow your blog?

Done with your current theme not reflecting your vision and just generally not doing what you want it to do?
You need a quality custom theme that’s built specifically for your individual blogging goals.

Here’s what we can do together:

DIY Blog Audit

Need a guided checkup of your blog to make sure you’re on the right track and ready to grow?
Get The Better Blog Plan.

The Blog Boost

Want a personalized blog action plan, from me to you that will give your blog a nice boost and move you towards your goals?

The Total Blog Package

If you’re really ready for the next level of traffic and income it’s time for a custom theme.

Some other designers & developers will use someone else’s pre-made theme and just customize (hack) it for you, or use a drag-and-drop page builder so that it looks good–without regard for your blog’s speed, security, or your ease-of-use.

Quality is one of the biggest differences you’ll get here. I’m a proud perfectionist when it comes to coding, whether the results are visible or not. And your custom blog will actually be custom, just for you.

After all your hard work, your blog should be successful, and I’m here to help.

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notes from friends…

  • Things changed after I started working with Christina. In terms of numbers... I have been able to increase my traffic by 500% and site speed by at least 0.5 seconds. While the increase in traffic is not only because of working with Christina, she has a HUGE part in making my site function to deliver these results. If you need a developer, Christina is the person you need. I call her my secret weapon.
    Foolproof Living
  • Christina totally gets what I need and want... She works quickly and efficiently and I can trust her with my website (my entire business lifeline!). I have the site that's perfect for my brand and she brought my vision to life... My website was a total stress for me, constantly. Now I know I have someone I can turn to. That's a huge relief.
    Two Loves Studio
  • I like that Christina listens and sees my vision! I also like her diligence and the level of care she put into our projects. From the beginning, I felt like I could trust her because she gave importance to our projects, because she knows they matter a lot to me. Having her is a game changer and I am forever grateful!!
    Brazilian Kitchen Abroad
  • After years of complications with other developers, so much money lost in payments that didn't result in a workable website, hidden costs, and months of unresponsiveness, I was just about to give up. Christina was an absolute dream. Our project only took less than a month (!!! after 3 years!) she was always enthusiastic, warm, creative, responsive, and everything you could want from a developer.
    Two Red Bowls
  • Need tech help?

    This girl is my blog lifesaver. For real. She's amazing!
    My Kind of Sweet
  • Christina was incredibly helpful. She kindly organised everything which made my life so much easier. Would highly recommend if you're not good with the more technical aspects of blogging...
    Helen J
    Lumiere d'Helen
  • I CANNOT say enough good things about Christina. She has been beyond helpful and patient. She is very knowledgeable and was very prompt at responding any question I had. She went far and beyond and I HIGHLY recommend her!
    Rosa G
    Color & Grain
  • Christina is simply amazing! I was pulling my hair out over some WordPress migration issues and she totally saved the day! She was quick to respond and explained everything clearly, and in terms that I could understand. I know who I’ll be contacting next time I have an issue!
    Vanessa C.
  • I cannot say enough good things about Christina! She went above and beyond to help me. I had so many questions and issues but she answered them all and even took the time to create videos to show me what to do. She is wonderful! I will always contact her for blog help. I highly recommend her!
    Katie B

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